What Are Some Examples of Academic Achievements?

Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

Some examples of academic achievements include clubs, a high grade point average, awards and extracurricular activities. Significant accomplishments in any of these areas are worth including on a resume or academic application.

Club participation in high school or college shows both responsibility and the ability to work alongside others. It may also draw the attention of application readers who share similar interests. Club leaders or those in other roles of increased responsibility should mention their position and its duties. A high grade point average of 3.5 or above is another great achievement to mention. A high GPA indicates hard work, organization and responsibility.

Academic scholarships are also worth including on any type of application. Awards are another strong academic achievement. Whether they are for perfect attendance or distinction in art or sports, awards speak to an individual’s unique talents and can help an applicant stand out from the pack. Mention the specifics behind the award. For example, rather than “Won Award for Best Art,” indicate that this award was an “Award for Excellence in Artwork (Sculpture), 2014.” Any prestigious extracurricular activities typically count as academic achievements. Activities such as music, sports or community volunteering show commitment, dedication and social engagement.