What Is an Example of a URL?

Robert Nicholas/OJO Images/Getty Images

One example of a URL is http://www.microsoft.com, which is the link to Microsoft’s web page. A URL, which stands for uniform resource locator, is a formatted text string used by web browsers and other software to identify a network resource on the Internet.

A URL is divided into three parts: Network protocol, host name, and file or resource location. Examples of network protocol are http, ftp and mailto. The host name is also sometimes called the web address. URLs are written according to this syntax: protocol://host/location. The protocol’s function is to specify how the URL connects. For example, maito:// calls an e-mail client in order to communicate that way. The host name can be a domain name or just an IP address. The last part specifies exactly what to call for, e.g., a file or a document.