What Is an Example of a Procuration Letter?

A procuration letter includes the name or names of the person or people needing to grant authority at the top with the proxy’s name or names at the bottom. According to The Law Dictionary, procuration is a legal process that grants one individual limited legal authority over another person, business or organization.

The power of procuration often relates to the ownership and management of a business or corporation. Once the proxy enters into an agreement with the owner of that company, the proxy earns the power of procuration. Proxies cannot sell any property relating to that business, and proxies cannot legally turn their control over to another party.

A power of procuration letter will list the name of the company at the top of the page with the names of the company owners just underneath the company name. The undersigned agree to designate one or more individuals to operate on behalf of the company owners. The letter must include the name of anyone designated as a proxy and the address of each person. A procuration letter must also include the date that the parties signed the agreement. This allows proxies to operate in the best interests of the individual or business.