What Is an Example of Opening Remarks for a Student Graduation Ceremony?

Maryland Gov Pics/CC-BY 2.0

One way to approach the opening remarks for a student graduation ceremony is to address all the dignitaries, welcome the students and their families, and remind everyone of the importance of the occasion. Being chosen to speak at a student graduation ceremony is an honor and not a role that should be taken lightly. Generally, the person chosen to give the opening remarks has a connection with the students.

The opening remarks of a student graduation ceremony need to reflect the nature of the event. The speech should be delivered in a formal tone and mention key figures, such as the principal and board members, by position. Ideally, these people should be seated up on the stage. A welcome should also be extended to the students and their family members and friends.

The speaker giving the opening remarks should then extend a warm hand to everyone in attendance, with a phrase such as, “It is my privilege to welcome you to this graduation.” After this, the significance of the day should be stressed. An example is, “The graduation ceremony is one of the most memorable events in anybody’s life.” A reflection of the last few years should be given, but a glimpse into the future should also be offered. Once the opening remarks are out of the way, the speaker can then proceed to offering the main lesson or point to be taken from the speech.