What Is an Example of a Funny Ransom Note?

Ransom notes can be chilling, but when the stakes are low, they can also be downright funny. One example of such a case occurred when a missing sandwich set off a chain reaction of letters left taped to an office refrigerator.

A sandwich disappeared from a shared office refrigerator. The victim posted the following notice.

“To the person who keeps stealing my sandwiches (Turkey and Swiss with mayo on rye),

This is ridiculous. We are all full-grown adults, not children. Please take responsibility for your actions and stop stealing other people’s property!!!”

The apparent thief posted a response, taping it over the original sign.

“Dear Turkey and Swiss on Rye,

I have your precious sandwich. It’s safe, for now. Put 10 dollars on the plate in the fridge, or you’ll never see it undigested again.”

The victim, unmoved by the humor inherent in the threat, appended another note.

“Dear Sandwich Thief,

Please grow up and just return my sandwich! This is very unprofessional! If I ever find out who’s doing this, I won’t hesitate to CONTACT HR!!”

Another response from the thief appeared shortly thereafter, this time with a dim photograph of the sandwich. The perpetrator holds up a small slice of the sandwich near the camera.

“Dear Turkey and Swiss

For every hour you continue to refuse my demands, I’ll remove another bite of this sandwich. Please take this seriously. We are professionals, after all.

– Sandwich Thief”

The notes continued to pile up on the refrigerator, with the thief taunting the victim with more pictures of the sandwich. A member of the company’s HR department tried to intervene as a negotiating force, then later traced the print requests to the culprit’s computer. The thief, in the end, posted a brief apology on the refrigerator.