What Is an Example of a Dedication Speech for a Classmate?

Hemant Mehta/IndiaPicture/Getty Images

A dedication speech is a commemorative speech that honors an individual and has a focus on admiration and respect. A dedication speech for a classmate should highlight the positive qualities of that person which led to the dedication.

According to Michael L. Kent, Ph.D., professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at Gaylord College, a dedication speech is given for a person who is instrumental in the fundraising and construction of buildings, monuments and places of other great works. The speech starts with the purpose of the occasion, a brief summary of the facts, thanks for the honoree and a statement of inspiration for the future. The tone of the speech should be eloquent and original and should include anecdotes as appropriate.

For a classmate, the speaker emphasizes the qualities that led to the dedication, focusing on anecdotes or stories known only by a few. Write-Out-Loud.com offers a template and examples of dedication speeches for any person. SpecialSpeeches.com features a sample dedication speech for an important volunteer. The speech welcomes the guests and acknowledges the honoree, then includes an anecdote; a recitation of the honoree’s qualities; commentary about the reason for the dedication; and a conclusion congratulating the honoree. The closing also includes a call for others in the audience to add expressions of admiration.