What Is an Example of a Closing Prayer After a Meeting?

Kyu Oh/E+/Getty Images

One example of a closing prayer that can be used after a meeting is: “As we close this meeting, we want to give honor to You, Lord, and thank You for the time we had today to discuss issues and make decisions. May You bless each person who took the time to gather here today, and may Your hand of protection be on them through the rest of the week. May all that was accomplished here be for Your glory, and may you help us each to do our parts to bring the plans discussed to life. Amen.”

Some things that may be included in the prayer include giving thanks for what has been accomplished during the meeting, blessing any decisions that were made and asking for protection for those present as they leave. A prayer for continued guidance may be included if any issues remain unsolved. Generally, the prayer should be brief.

Specific ways of praying may vary based upon the religious association of those at the meeting. Some religions prefer a more formal form of prayer, while others embrace a informal, conversational tone. It is important that people who are praying do so in a way that is comfortable for them.