How Do You Estimate the Value of Hitchcock Chairs?

To estimate the value of a Hitchcock chair, first check for distinguishing features, such as the Hitchcock stencil mark, as well as the condition, wood type and color of the chair. An authentic Hitchcock chair in good condition may sell for as much as $300, as of 2015.

Hitchcock is a popular brand of chairs with distinctive wicker seats and back slats. They often feature painted flower and leaf designs. A Connecticut woodworker named Lambert Hitchcock first produced Hitchcock chairs in 1820. Chairs produced when Hitchcock was alive usually have a distinctive stencil mark that reads ?L.Hitchcock. Hitchcocks-Ville. Conn. Warranted.” Chairs produced after 1832 have a similar stencil, but the N’s in the phrase are frequently backward.

This iteration of the Hitchcock company dissolved in 1843. Hitchcock died nine years later. In 1946, John Tarrant Kenney revived the company and began producing chairs in the same style. Chairs produced after 1946 have a stencil that includes backward N’s and a registered trademark logo.

Hitchcock chairs from the 1800s are generally more valuable than those produced in the 20th century. Additionally, Hitchcock used a black and dark green stain, and collectors often consider this stain to be more desirable. A dark-colored Hitchcock chair with forward facing N’s in the stencil is likely to be older, and therefore more valuable, provided it is in good condition.