Is ESPNU a Channel Offered by Comcast?

XFINITY from Comcast offers the channel ESPNU. Viewers should consult their local Comcast provider to find the channel locally. Comcast customers can also stream the channel via the official Comcast website.

ESPN was launched September 7,1979, and it has become the leading sports entertainment company worldwide, broadcasting through multimedia outlets like television, radio, print and the Web. Within 4 years, the company hit the global scene and ESPN began being serviced internationally. ESPN International officially launched on March 31, 1989 in Latin America. It has since grown to reach 58 countries on all seven continents, and it is reproduced in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Other divergent networks quickly followed as the company picked up speed such as ESPNET in 1995 and ESPN The Magazine in 1998. On March 4, 2005, the company launched ESPNU as a network to focus solely on college sports. The network devotes 24 hours a day to highlighting college sports.

Aside from the different channels, this powerhouse company is the event management business entity behind the ESPYs, the X Games and both college bowls and college basketball games. ESPN is owned by ABC, Inc. and The Hearst Corporation; ABC, Inc. is the majority shareholder, owning 80 percent of the company. Through the multimedia outlets offered, ESPN has created a network of sports that can be accessed nearly anywhere in the world, at any hour.