What Are the Error Codes for a Maytag Maxima?

Error codes that appear on the Maytag Maxima’s digital display include a series of F-codes, C-codes and E-codes, along with various beeps and abbreviations. In some cases two codes combine to advise of a problem. The translation for the codes is in the owner’s manual under the troubleshooting section.

The easiest code to figure out is “Sud,” which warns that the machine has too much soap and is self-correcting the problem. This washer only uses HE detergent. “RL” advises that the load is finished, and “Int” signals the cycle was paused or canceled.

If the Start button is pressed and the door is not closed, the washer beeps. If the machine has run for three cycles without the door being opened it makes continuous error beeps.

An “F-08” combined with a “C-01” means there is a water supply error. “F-09” with the “C-01” means the drain hose isn’t connected or working. “F-05” with “E-02” advises that the washer door is not locked. “F-07” with “C-01” signals that the motor is having problems turning the drum.

An “F-##” or “E-##” means there is a system error. If the code can’t be cleared by hitting the Power/Cancel button and a washer restart, a service technician needs called.