How Do You Erase Your Cell Phone History?

Pamela Moore/E+/Getty Images

In order to erase the Internet browsing history on a cell phone, open up the Internet browser, then open up the settings menu and locate the clear history button. Alternatively, a number of applications, such as history eraser, can be downloaded in order to manage history deletion easily without having to open any browsers or settings menus.

Browsing history can also be deleted while signed into Google on the cell phone, and settings can be changed to stop browsing history being remembered. This can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Open browser and sign in to Google
  2. Open the Internet browser, make sure the browser used is Google, then sign in (this may be done automatically). Once signed in, head to the bottom of the page and locate the history link.

  3. Edit settings or delete history
  4. Once the history page is open, the browsing history can be seen, and will be ordered by date. Each individual link can be then be deleted manually. This method is preferable if the user only wants to remove certain items from the browsing history.

  5. Preventing history from being saved
  6. By returning to the main home page, then selecting “settings” instead of “history” at the bottom of the screen, the search history can be disabled completely.