What Are Some Equivalents to the G13A Battery?

Some equivalents to the G13A battery are the Vinnic L1154, NEDA 1166 and any manufacturer’s battery labeled A13 or AG13. Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, Phillips and Eveready label this battery A76 and may include an initial prefix, such as Kodak’s KA76. Maxell, Panasonic and Sony use the LR44 designation.

The G13A battery is a 1.5-volt, alkaline button-cell battery intended for general use in watches, calculators and medical devices. It is not rechargeable and measures 11.6 millimeters in diameter and is 5.4 millimeters thick. It is a less-expensive alternative to a silver oxide battery and provides high capacity and long usage. Silver oxide alternatives are high-drain and may carry the same numeric designations as their alkaline counterparts or a RW22, RW82, Timex J or 357 label.