What Are Equivalent Decimals?

Equivalent decimals are decimal numbers that equal the same amount, such as 0.25 and 0.250. A decimal is equivalent to another decimal if they look the same except for the number of zeros at the very end of the number.

Equivalent decimals are just like equivalent fractions. If a decimal goes to the tenths place, then it equals a fraction out of ten; for example, 0.3 is the same as 3/10. Likewise, if a decimal goes to the hundredths place, then the decimal equals a fraction out of 100; for example, 0.15 is the same as 15/100. Fractions like 7/10 and 70/100 are equivalent because 70/100 can be simplified down to 7/10. The same rule applies for decimals; 0.7 and 0.70 are equivalent because they translate into fractions that are equal.