What Is the Equivalent of a CR1225 Battery?

The American National Standards Institute equivalent of a CR1225 battery is the 5020LC. Equivalent batteries in the International Electrotechnical Commission nomenclature include the DL1225, EBR1225, BR1225, V1225 and several others.

The International Electrotechnical Commission sets an industry standard for battery nomenclature. The first letter indicates the electrochemical system used; a first letter “C” indicates that the negative electrode is composed of lithium, the positive electrode is composed of manganese and the electrolyte is organic. The second letter indicates the shape, with “R” indicating a cylindrical shape. The numbers in “CR1225” and in other batteries using IEC standard names refer to a battery’s physical dimensions. A first letter “B” indicates that the positive electrode is composed of carbon monofluoride.

A battery’s voltage and current characteristics depend on the electrochemical system used. Using a battery with a voltage that is different than what’s required by an electronic device can damage the device or cause it to perform poorly. Therefore, even if a replacement battery will physically fit, the first letter of the battery’s IEC number may indicate that it contains materials that are unsuitable for the device. Although the CR1225 and the BR1225 use different electrochemical systems, they each output 3 V and are therefore interchangeable.