What Is the Equivalent of 3/4 Cup?

3/4 cup is equal to 12 tablespoons or 6 fluid ounces and approximately equal to 177 milliliters. The measurement is also equal to 3/8 pint, 1/16 gallon, 3/16 quart or 36 teaspoons, and approximately equal to 3/16 liter.

The cup is typically used in cooking to measure both liquids and solids. The cup is abbreviated as “c.” To convert measurements within the U.S. or English system of measurement, divide cups by 16 to arrive at the number tablespoons needed, or divide cups by 8 to arrive at fluid ounces.

If a recipe expresses measurements in terms of metrics, cups need to be converted from the English system to the metric system. Multiply cups by 240 to arrive at milliliters, or multiply cups by 0.24 to arrive at liters.