What Is Epoxy Paint Used For?


One common use of epoxy paint is to finish concrete floors. Applying it in a garage makes cleaning oil drips from a vehicle easier. Epoxy paints come in a wide variety of colors and are long lasting. Other uses include swimming pools, metal and bathtubs.

Epoxy paints require mixing two parts. The user must mix in proper proportions and allow the product to stand the recommended time in order for it to dry. Once mixed, it is possible to apply the paints in a variety of ways. Most of the time an individual uses a roller on a garage floor. The paint is thicker and stickier than normal paints but rolls to create a smooth finish. When applying on concrete, the addition of non-skid granules helps to break up the glossy surface, preventing the floor from becoming slippery when wet. Similar application methods work with swimming pools.

Epoxy paints offer a finish similar to powder coating for metal projects but do not require heat to set the finish. On metal, the paint protects from oxidation and provides a long-lasting finish.

The durability of epoxy makes it a good choice for refinishing bathtubs and sinks. It eliminates the scratches and dingy look of old fixtures at a much more affordable price than replacement. It works in restoration of cast iron, porcelain or fiberglass.