What Does Entertainment Software Do?

Entertainment software is any software that supports a hobby or provides a form of amusement. Entertainment software includes video games, videos and any other software that a user feels is enjoyable.

According to the University of West Florida, entertainment software is a form of application software or software that is designed to perform specific tasks for a user. Due to the loose definition of entertainment software being any form of software that provides the user entertainment, there are several pieces of software that can fall under its category.

One of the most common forms of entertainment software is video games. Due to the popularity and wide array of video games that are available, the Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB was created. The ESRB’s purpose is to provide guidance about video games and applications through its ratings. The aim of the ESRB is to inform parents about the sort of content that may not be suitable for their families.

Entertainment software doesn’t have to solely be for amusement purposes. Many forms of entertainment software, such as videos, can be informative or educational while also being entertaining. In fact there are several pieces of software designed to entertain while providing another service or experience.