How Does Entertainment Have the Capacity to Ruin Society?

According to Debate.Org, entertainment has the capacity to ruin society, as it places individuals in the category of observers. This opposes creativity and action, causing people to experience a decrease in productivity.

In addition, the more entertainment society consumes, the more entertainment is craved. People become unhappy when they are not being constantly entertained. These cravings manifest into extreme types of addictions and obsession. If individuals were able to have a certain degree of self control, then entertainment would not have the capacity to ruin society.

According to Writework, pop culture is focused in a heavy way on entertainment industries and searches for new obsessions and trends. When entertainment pushes the boundaries in regards to what is viewed as acceptable, society echoes these movements through its own accepted standards and values. The deviance in the contemporary media is well on its way to destroying a number of principles. With this destruction, society crumbles.

Today, society revolves heavily around entertainment and often relies on entertainment to shape commonly accepted trends. Examples of this are items of clothing worn by celebrities that affect the public, and soon, many people are seen wearing that same item of clothing. This proves the influences and power famous people have on society.