How Do You Enter a Roku Code at the Roku Link Website?

After a Roku device has been linked to a television and an internet network, once a timezone has been selected the device will display a unique code on the television screen that should be entered on a computer at the Roku link website. The code will link the device to the owner’s specific Roku account, which will allow the user to activate Roku and pick which plan he or she wants.

A Roku device allows users to stream various networks, television shows, movies and sporting events through the internet onto their computer. The device is able to access services such as Netflix and Hulu, which instantly streams to the screen that the Roku device is attached to. Once the device has been properly connected to a television through an HDMI cable and connected to an Internet network, follow these steps to enter the Roku code onto the Roku link website.

  1. Select a timezone to display a unique Roku code.
  2. After a timezone has been selected on the device, the screen will display a unique Roku code.

  3. Go to the Roku link webpage on a computer and enter the code.
  4. Use the Internet on a computer to go to the Roku link website. On this page there will be an area to enter the unique code that is displayed on the television screen.

  5. Create an account and choose payment and channel options.
  6. Once the code has been entered, users can manage their payment and channel options through their specific account that is now linked with their Roku device.