How Do You Get Ensure for Free?

To get Ensure for free, visit websites like and for different coupons and savings opportunities. also features several coupon options for free packages of Ensure, as of 2016.

Ensure is a brand of liquid nutritional supplements that was first developed in 1973. The beverage provided by the brand comes in a variety of flavors and sizes, and it is primarily designed to provide users with necessary vitamins, minerals, calories and proteins as a supplementary drink option. It is designed for use between or during meals, and some individuals may also rely on the beverage as a sole source of nutrition.

The beverage respects religious consumptions regulations, and it is suitable for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. In addition to consuming the drinks as they are packaged, users can also combine the beverages with numerous other ingredients to create recipes. The Ensure website lists several drink and smoothie recipes that contain the Ensure beverage as a central ingredient, such as: the Berry Sunrise Smoothie, the PB and J Shake, the Banana Smoothie and the Rich Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie. The drink can also be used as an ingredient in meals and appetizers, such as a turkey chili with cornbread topping, a chicken tortilla soup and a cheddar turkey quiche.