How Do I Enable JavaScript on My Mobile Phone?

Turn on JavaScript in the Advanced Settings section of your mobile phone browser to enable JavaScript. You need an Android, an iPhone or a BlackBerry smartphone, and a data plan or Wi-Fi to get started.

  1. Turn on the mobile phone

    Press the power button on your phone to boot into the home screen. Wait for the operating system to load.

  2. Open a Web browser

    For Android, open the Android browser. Tap the Menu button, and tap Settings. Next, tap Advanced, and select Enable JavaScript. Go to Settings, and tap Privacy and Security. Select Accept Cookies. You can find the JavaScript option in the Chrome browser under the Content Settings header. For iOS, tap Safari from the Settings menu. Tap Advanced, and tap the switch next to JavaScript. Make sure the switch turns to the On position. In the Privacy and Security section, tap Block Cookies, and select Never or From Third Parties and Advertisers. For BlackBerry, launch the BlackBerry browser. Select Menu, and tap Options. Scroll down the list, and tap Enable JavaScript. Scroll down, and select Accept Cookies.

  3. Test the Web browser

    Close and reopen the browser. Navigate to a Java-enabled website to check whether JavaScript works or not. Afterward, close the browser.