How Do You Enable Bluetooth on a TV?

A typical Bluetooth-enabled TV activates its Bluetooth module automatically when it is turned on. A Bluetooth enabled devices such as a smartphone or computer needs to activate its Bluetooth capabilities to connect to the TV. Once the Bluetooth is turned on the device, the TV’s Bluetooth signal searches for a connection. The device should show a connection to the TV once it has connected successfully. However, an iPhone might not show a Bluetooth signal from the TV.

Another type of device, such as a Bluetooth keyboard, might require a dongle to be plugged into the TV’s data inputs. Bluetooth enabled TVs are also able to connect to Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Some TVs might require passwords before connecting to prevent unwanted users from connecting. Some TVs might also include buttons that display the user guides and show additional Bluetooth settings.

Bluetooth technology is a fast wireless connection that tethers or streams devices together. Bluetooth TVs allow users to stream content, such as music or videos, from computers or smartphones. TVs without Bluetooth capabilities can still get the technology enabled. Bluetooth adapters are available for TVs through several electronic outlets. The adapters are connected by a 3.5-millimeter jack or a multimedia interface connection.