What Is an Embedded Chart?

An embedded chart is a chart that is placed on a worksheet as opposed to on a separate chart sheet when using a spreadsheet software package. Embedded charts play an instrumental role in viewing or printing a chart or a PivotChart report using its source data or other information.

After embedding an Excel chart in a Word document, any updates made to the original chart are automatically updated in the Word document, provided that the location has not changed. By doing this, the data stays in sync, preventing the chart from having out-of-date or incorrect information. According to the Houston Chronicle, embedded charts work well when one considers the chart and the source data table to be of equal importance.

An embedded chart can be removed from Excel without deleting the entire sheet from the workbook. To remove an embedded chart, simply place the cursor on the border of the chart. Avoid placing it inside the chart as this may select individual chart elements like headings or legend box. Next, click the mouse, after which Excel selects the chart by surrounding it with a thicker border. Press delete or backspace, and the embedded chart will be removed from the sheet. An embedded chart can be removed or resized to suit an individual’s preference. To move the chart, position the cursor in a blank area inside the chart and drag it to a new location. Resizing is done by positioning the cursor to point to one of the sizing handles and then dragging the side of the corner to enlarge or reduce it.