What Do Elves Wear?

The colors and fashions worn by each type of elf vary widely. Christmas elves wear Christmas-related colors, such as bright red, white and bright green. High fantasy elves wear dull nature-related colors, such as brown, dark yellow and dark green.

Christmas elves are associated with the holiday and work closely with Santa Claus. Most Christmas elves wear green as a complement to Santa Claus’ red clothing. Christmas elves’ outfits tend to be trimmed in red felt or white cotton, and their tights tend to be white, green or red and white stripes when they have tights. Christmas elves typically also wear conical hats and soft shoes with curled-up, pointed tips. The hats tend to be green and may come with red felt trim, white cotton trim or no trim at all. The shoes tend to be green with red felt trim or without trim at all.

High fantasy elves are associated with magic, hunting and the woods. Most high fantasy elves wear long flowing shirts, dresses or robes with pants beneath shirts. Female high fantasy elves and all elves of noble stature tend to have long flowing sleeves and circlets made of simple metals. Fighters wear more fitted sleeves and may also wear bows, quivers of arrows and swords or daggers.