How Do You Eliminate Roaches?

Jan Stromme/Stone/Getty Images

To eliminate roaches from the home, remove all food and water sources and begin using a bait or spray insecticide immediately. The process of removing roaches may require several weeks or months, depending on the cause and severity of the infestation. Apply the insecticide regularly until the pests are gone.

  1. Remove food and water

    Cleaning the home is essential when eliminating roaches. Wash dishes as soon as they are dirty, and eliminate hiding places, such as stacks of books, if possible. Do not leave water in the sink, and dry any spilled liquids immediately.

  2. Spray with pyrethrin

    Choose a pyrethrin-based pesticide, and dilute it according to the directions on the packaging. Using a pump sprayer, apply the pyrethrin along baseboards and other areas prone to infestations. If any cracks or crevices are noted while spraying, seal them.

  3. Treat the infestation regularly

    Areas that cannot be sprayed, such as the kitchen, can be treated by using a nontoxic insecticide. For example, a paste made with equal parts sugar and baking soda can be applied inside kitchen cabinets without posing a danger to humans. Apply nontoxic insecticides regularly, and spray commercial insecticide as recommended by the product packaging until the roaches are gone.