How Do You Eliminate Feet Swelling After a C-Section?

Feet swelling, or edema, is a common side effect of giving birth via C-section, and women can eliminate it by trying a couple of simple remedies, such as walking, elevating the legs and decreasing the intake of salt. Alternatively, a doctor can be consulted if the swelling continues.

  1. Start walking around as soon as possible
  2. Specialists encourage women who have given birth via C-section to get up and start walking within 24 hours. According to the Mayo Clinic, this prevents the swelling of feet and also helps reduce the chance of blood clots in the legs. Even though walking may be uncomfortable at first, the pain usually subsides within a couple of days after delivery.
  3. Elevate the legs
  4. Elevate the legs whenever sitting and even when adopting a reclining position. Do so by propping some pillows under the feet and legs so that they are above the heart when sitting in a reclining position.
  5. Watch the salt intake
  6. Salt is one of the main factors that leads to feet swelling, so it is advisable to reduce the intake after a C-section. Drinking plenty of water helps eliminate the salt in the body.
  7. Check the symptoms with a doctor
  8. If the feet swelling persists, consult a doctor, who may prescribe a diuretic, such as furosemide. This helps increase the urine output, which results in the elimination of more water from the feet, according to WebMD.