Are Elephant Figurines Good Luck?

In many cultures, elephants are viewed as a symbol of wisdom, strength and good luck. In fact, the elephant has been considered a good luck symbol for a multitude of centuries. Some cultures believe that elephant figurines must be in a certain stance, in a specific place and facing a specific way in order to bring good luck.

Many cultures believe that the trunk of an elephant figurine should be curling upwards in order to bring good luck. An elephant with a trunk curled downward brings bad luck, as the downward trunk allows good luck to seep out. It is also believed that the elephant figurine should be placed near a door or doorway.

Many believe that buying an elephant figurine does not bring you good luck, rather it brings good luck to your visitors. Buying an elephant figurine and giving it as a gift to someone brings good luck to the person you give it to. Receiving an elephant figurine as a gift brings you good luck. The origin of the luck believed to surround the elephant is traced back to India. Hindu’s worship a god named Ganesha. Ganesha is the god of wisdom and success and is represented by a human body with an elephant head and two pairs of arms.