How Do You Find an Electric Scooter Wiring Diagram?

Find an electric scooter wiring diagram on websites such as and, as of 2015. The electrical system of a scooter contains several components including a controller, control connector, brake, power wiring, control wiring and more. These diagrams are essential for troubleshooting scooter wiring problems.

Some of the parts for the electric scooter are specific to the version of the scooter, which is why provides wiring diagrams for the different versions of Razor Pocket Mod scooters. An owner should check out the ID tag on the battery to confirm the version before checking out the wiring diagram.

Each wiring diagram on shows the connection between the battery pack, the controller, throttle connector, motor and other areas. The diagram shows the various wire connections between the components, each wire color coded to make it easy to identify the connections between components. The connectors are also color coded for the same purpose. A visitor can choose to save the diagram to the PC or use it online. showcases a typical electric scooter power control wiring diagram. The diagram shows the connections between the controller, battery pack, switches and fuse. Different connections are color coded to make identification easier.