What are the effects of unemployment on society?


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Unemployment affects society by reducing the amount of resources available. As job rates decline, resources such as quality housing and public services become scarce.

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What are the effects of unemployment on society?
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As these important resources start to decline, people who are unable to locate adequate employment begin suffering since they are unable to afford nutritious foods, medical care and other basic items. This impacts families greatly by creating high levels of stress and depression. When large amounts of people in a community experience these issues, it can create tensions within the area, which in turn can lead to violence and other types of criminal behavior.

Children are also impacted by unemployment as they may also go without necessary items, such as food and clothing. Children begin suffering from stress and depression due to the lack of essentials as well. Poverty stricken children are more likely to suffer academically and engage in risky behaviors.

The economy also suffers as unemployment rates increase. As more people become unemployed and apply for federal or state assistance, governmental expenditures continue to grow, which increase government borrowing. People who are unemployed also spend less, which impacts local businesses by reducing their revenue. As small businesses lose income, they face inability to maintain operating costs.

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