What Are Effective Ways to Write a Letter of Support?

Kathrin Ziegler/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A letter of support consists of unique content printed on the appropriate letterhead, directly addresses the granting agency and is signed by the person giving support. It also addresses guidelines of the granting or funding agency and follows all funding agency required guidelines.

In order to properly write a letter of support for a granting or funding agency, one should follow a general outline. This outline includes an introduction that states the intent of the letter, a body that provides details regarding the candidate and pending proposal and a cordial closing that is congruent with the relationship between the sender and recipient. A letter of support for a granting or funding agency should not be more than two pages and should be kept to only one page if possible.

A letter of support should use direct language and avoid flowery, descriptive text. It should point out the merits of the candidate without embellishment. The sender should place emphasis on his or her relationship with the candidate to prove to the recipient the candidate’s qualifications.

It is recommended that the candidate draft the letter for the sender to sign to save time. The letter will be sure to contain all necessary information and provide plenty of time to meet the funding agency deadline.