What Is Educational Media?

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Educational media is any type of media used to educate someone on a topic. Educational media can be used at home or in the classroom to supplement lessons and formal education. Some examples include primary documents, documentaries and music.

Educational media covers a large number of different types of media. Media falls into a few major categories: text, image, video and audio. Text is the most common educational media type, and includes text books, worksheets and written notes. A diary is educational media because it educates the student on the lifestyle of the person who wrote it. A secondary source, such as a textbook, is useful for summarizing and explaining content.

Images are another common media point because they are typically included in textbooks. Image media also includes graphs and charts. These give students a visual reference for the lesson topic. Similarly, video is useful for that visual aspect. Documentaries and movies can both be educational media, depending on the content of the course.

Audio includes music, recorded speeches and readings of text. Sounds, such as bird songs or gun fire, can also be included if the course is relevant. Music is essential for music and chorus classes, as well as cultural history courses. Speeches let students hear the emotions and tone of the speaker, and text readings are often used in English classes as students read literature.