How Does Education Affect Your Life?

education-affect-life Credit: Shawn Gearhart/Vetta/Getty Images

Some of the ways that education affects the lives of people include reducing poverty, increasing opportunities, and lowering the risk for diseases and health problems. Through advancing understanding and peace, education also builds character.

Education helps reduce poverty by preparing individuals to contribute productively in work environments. A minimum level of completed education is often required for obtaining a job. People who are more highly educated tend to earn more money on average than those with lower levels of education. Learning about real-world transactions, such as investments and retirement planning, helps people avoid financial struggles and poverty.

Disease prevention is a benefit of education that affects humanity. Teaching people how to avoid dangers and risks for contracting diseases is important for halting the spread of diseases. Health is also impacted by education through the knowledge of dietary requirements. Consuming recommended amounts of nutrients is beneficial for maintaining and improving health. Knowing what to do in accidents or emergency situations is another way that education contributes to health.

Education promotes peace and diplomacy, and understanding people with cultural differences has positive effects socially. Learning about various countries and cultures gives many people a greater appreciation for life. The ability to understand multiple perspectives improves problem-solving and decision-making skills. Through contributing to personal development and growth, education helps to build character.