What Are Some of the Ecce Romani 1 Answers?

Pearson Education only makes the answers for its “Ecce Romani I” textbook available to teachers in the teacher’s edition of the book, so students are unable to obtain them. Only teachers can order this book, which is for sale on the PearsonSchool.com website and requires either a school credit card or a purchase order to complete the purchase.

Although students can’t get the answers for the textbook’s exercises, they can get help through the “Ecce Romani I” student website on the Pearson website. For each chapter of the textbook, this website has interactive pages going through the vocabulary introduced along with providing exercises for the grammar. There’s also a culture page with interactive activities. Users can see the results for the exercises after they complete them, so they can serve as practice for real homework.

Students having trouble with “Ecce Romani I” homework assignments can either get help from their teachers, seek tutoring or look for additional resources for learning Latin. An example of an online resource is the Latin teaching material’s page on the Saint Louis University website. This resource links to several pages that explain Latin grammar concepts, such as cases, vocabulary, pronouns, prepositions and indirect objects. There are also several tables that focus on verb conjugation and can be helpful for completing homework assignments on grammar and translation.