How Do You Eat a Pepino Melon?

Allow a pepino melon to ripen to the firmness of a plum, slice it in half with a knife and eat it with a spoon. The entire fruit, including skin and seeds, is edible, although tough skins are unpalatable. Preparing the fruit for consumption takes very little time.

  1. Select top quality fruit

    Avoid an overly soft pepino. If the fruit is too firm, store it at room temperature until it is ripe. Ripe fruit has a creamy yellow color with purple stripes and the texture of a ripe plum. Once the fruit is ripe, consume it immediately, or store in the refrigerator for up to three days.

  2. Wash the fruit

    Use water to rinse fruit. Do not use detergent or bleach for washing. Oregon State University indicates that while washing does not completely remove all bacteria, detergents and bleaches contain chemicals that are difficult to remove from food. Potable water is just as effective at removing bacteria as commercially prepared fruit-washing solutions.

  3. Slice the fruit

    Use a sharp knife to slice through the fruit. Use a spoon to scoop out the flesh, pulp and seeds for consumption. Discard the skin if it is tough. For use in salads, dice the fruit into bite-sized pieces, peeling away the skin.