What Are the Easiest Courses in College?

Some college courses that are considered among the easiest include introduction to physical education, music appreciation, basic math courses and astronomy. Additionally, classes at the 101 or 201 levels tend to be easier than upper-division classes.

Some other college courses that are generally considered easy are introductory psychology, introductory sociology and basic language classes. However, there is no guarantee that a given class will be easy, and even an easy class requires consistent attendance in order to pass.

The difficulty of a course depends on multiple factors: a given student’s level of interest in the class, a professor’s teaching style and the conceptual difficulty of the subject matter. To determine whether a class might be interesting and how difficult the concepts are to understand, students should begin by reading a book or watching videos involving the subject of the class. Likewise, they can do research on the professor to figure out his teaching style and level of expectation. Even a class that is conceptually easy can become impossible if the professor’s teaching style does not match with a student’s learning style. Conversely, a class that is conceptually difficult becomes an easy class with a professor who communicates in a style that the student understands.