What Is E6000 Glue Used For?

Johan Sunin/CC-BY 2.0

E6000 glue is used mostly for arts and crafts, especially for a tough, flexible bond between two nonporous materials like metal, wood, plastic and some fabrics. It is also frequently used in home repair for joining smooth surfaces.

E6000 is a durable, clear-curing craft glue that is dishwasher safe and machine washable once dry. It is a popular alternative to traditional super glue because it is a more durable adhesive and creates a strong and flexible bond, whereas most super glues become brittle after drying. This quality makes E6000 ideal for serious craft projects where durability and flexibility are required; it is frequently used by jewelers and costumers to affix metallic details to metal, fabric or plastic. The glue has a tendency to develop tendrils if too much is used and is very thick, making it difficult to handle in large quantities. It has a very strong odor that may be toxic in enclosed spaces and has a very long drying time resulting in a highly durable bond.

The chemicals used in E6000 are caustic, and it should not be handled with bare skin. E6000 craft glue is listed as photograph-safe and can be painted on after it has dried.