What Is a Dynamic Session at NVCC?

A dynamic session at North Virginia Community College is a irregular session class that does not fall into the regular class schedule of 16-week sessions, or two 8-week sessions for summer, according to an explanation on the enrollment management plans of the college. Dynamic sessions are of variable duration.

For regular session classes, uniform dates are set for all classes in the session, and key dates, such as the census date and the last day to withdraw, are based on the overall session and not the individual classes. Key dates for dynamic session classes are based on the timing of the individual classes, including the overall start and finish dates. To learn the key dates for dynamic session classes, students must access the schedule of classes in academic services and find details for the particular classes in question. Many of the dynamic session classes are part of the online learning program at NVCC.

North Virginia Community College is one of the largest multicampus community colleges in the United States. It is comprised of four centers and six campuses. During the 2011 to 2012 academic year, NVCC had almost 100,000 students in credit and noncredit courses, including about 20,000 students from 180 foreign countries. Full and part-time faculty members numbered close to 3,000.