How Do You Dye Your Hair With Food Coloring?

To dye your hair with food coloring, mix your chosen color with vinegar, and dip-dye hair one section at a time. To avoid staining your hands during the process, wear latex gloves. While this may negatively impact your dexterity, food coloring does not wash off the skin immediately.

  1. Choose and mix your color

    When selecting a color for your dip-dye mixture, remember that a brighter hue is achieved by adding a higher ratio of food coloring to vinegar. For a bright hue, mix 1/8 teaspoon of food coloring with 2.5 cups of white vinegar.

  2. Divide hair into four low ponytails

    Fasten each small ponytail with an elastic band. If you want thinner sections of dyed hair, create more ponytails using a little less hair in each.

  3. Apply dye from the ends up

    Soak the end of the ponytail in the mixture, then work the dye up the ponytail toward the root with your hands. Apply a thinner layer as you approach the transition point, or the spot where you want the color to fade into your natural color. Repeat on each ponytail.

  4. Wrap in tinfoil and let set

    Let the color soak into the hair for 10 to 45 minutes based on the level of color you want. Letting the color sit longer results in a brighter hue. Rinse hair until water runs clear.