Why Does a DVD Only Play in Black and White?

Jobalou/Digital Vision Vectors/Getty Images

DVDs playing in black and white or without color may be the result of an issue with the disc, the connection, the DVD player or the TV. A series of verification steps to troubleshoot will typically either solve the problem or pinpoint the issue.

Playback display on a DVD player involves many different components and a systematic review should reveal the problem. Possible causes include:

  • The color settings on the TV may be incorrectly aligned to remove color.
  • The disc player may not be properly connected to the TV.
  • The disc itself may be faulty; verifying with a different disc will reveal if this is the cause.
  • AV, component or S-video cables may be improperly connected to the TV.
  • The cables connecting TV and disc player may be faulty.
  • The input jacks may be faulty; switching to a different jack and changing the corresponding input mode will reveal if this is the cause.
  • The disc player may be at fault. Changing the input source can verify this issue.

The DVD player may also be set to the wrong color system. PAL and NTSC are the two color systems used globally depending on the location. Most modern DVD players and remote controls allow the user to switch back and forth between systems to view videos from various locations, but the wrong setting will produce irregularities in the display. NTSC is used in North America.