What Are the Duties of Protocol Officers?

The duties of protocol officers vary depending on the jurisdiction, and some of them include assisting and advising on the arrangement of flags and making the necessary arrangements concerning transport prior to an event. Protocol refers to a system of conventions, symbols and procedures that express the identity of governments and nations, and the protocol officers facilitate relationships between them.

Protocol officers organize and plan for official visits within their jurisdiction, such as the visits of foreign delegations, the diplomats and the royal family. Generally, they offer hospitality and ceremonial events as well as providing advisory or consulting services related to protocol matters. These officers also ensure that before an event takes place, Mister/Madam vice, all the interested parties and the president have a biographical sketch of the guests. They give the escort officers information on the specific protocol requirements concerning the guests.

The seating arrangement for the high table is determined by these officers, and they ensure that all the expected guests receive their formal invitations early enough. During the event, they are responsible for assisting the escort officers where and when necessary as well as establishing the necessary procedures for receiving the RSVPs. They determine the dress code for that occasion and the type of gifts to be offered depending on the type of event.