What Are the Duties of a Pastor’s Aide Auxiliary?

The duties of a pastor’s aide committee include supporting a pastor spiritually, emotionally and financially; meeting various needs of the pastor and his family, including meals, lodges and means of transportation; and showing appreciation to the pastor through celebratory services, in which the committee gathers gifts from congregants. A pastor’s aide committee also has the duty to provide for the needs of guest ministers.

Members of a pastor’s aide committee know a lot about their pastor’s personal life, as they aim to provide comprehensive overall support; thus, complete confidentiality is crucial when working in the committee to keep the pastor’s personal life private. They support the needs of the pastor whether he is at the church or at home.

During a sermon, committee members provide beverages and other things the pastor needs. When the pastor is traveling to other towns, they provide funds and send cards or care packages. They celebrate special occasions, such as Father’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. They also solicit money from the committee members and congregants when they observe that the pastor needs a sabbatical or a vacation.

When there’s a guest minister, members of a pastor’s aide committee communicates with him or his assistant to find out about his particular needs. Committee members ensure the comfort of the guest minister during his stay at the church.