What Are the Duties of a Data Encoder?

The duties of a data encoder include maintaining hard copies of patient forms, receipts, applications and other types of documents. They also do transcription, scanning of documents and maintaining backups of data entered. They are responsible for compiling, sorting and verifying the accuracy of data before it is entered.

They maintain logs of activities and completed tasks, choose the materials required to complete work assignments, correct data entry errors and store documents in the correct locations. Secondary tasks that data encoders undertake include data entry, answering and routing phone calls, sending emails and distributing mail.

A data encoder requires a set of skills. This includes fast typing and data entry speed, as well as being highly detail oriented, accurate, able to identify errors and good at verbal and written communication.

In regard to education qualifications, a data encoder should have a high school diploma; however, certain companies require that the candidate have a college degree. An associate degree in data entry helps improve the employment opportunities for an aspiring data encoder.

A date encoder’s most important work activities include obtaining information, documenting or recording information, interacting with computers, analyzing data, processing information, communicating with supervisors and co-workers and organizing work assignments.