What Are the Duties of a Choir President Within a Baptist Church?

A choir president in a Baptist church typically conducts choir meetings, makes sure the choir directory is updated, serves as the choir’s spokesperson to the rest of the church, and supervises all committees and other leadership roles within the choir. A choir president is not the same role as that of a choir director, who is typically in charge of the musical direction of the choir.

A choir president is usually elected by the members of the choir to serve a term for a specified number of years. The choir president must run the non-musical aspects of choir meetings, including leading prayer at the meetings or designating someone else to do so. Choir presidents often also oversee the election of new officers for the choir. They also oversee the various committee people in charge of group activities, business meetings and special choir practice sessions.

Choirs in the Baptist church typically facilitate worship during church worship services, provide special music for regular and special worship services, and spread the gospel through music. The choir also acts as a fellowship for its members and helps them to grow in their own spiritual lives. The musical side of the choir is typically run by a hired choir director who sometimes has an assistant.