How Do You Find DuPont Paint Suppliers?

You can no longer find DuPont paint suppliers because DuPont brand paints are no longer available in the market. DuPont Performance Coatings, the automotive paint arm of DuPont, has been rebranded as Axalta Coating Systems after its sale to The Carlyle Group for $4.9 billion on February 1, 2013. However, DuPont continues to produce car detailing products such as DuPont Exterior Protection and DuPont Interior Protection.

You can find DuPont paint suppliers by visiting the official DuPont website and using the Dealer Locator tool. To use the tool, select the country, then enter the ZIP code and search distance where you want to conduct the search. The tool lets you expand your search to a maximum of 50 miles. After that, clicking on the Find Dealer button reveals a list of DuPont distributors within the search radius.

The DuPont Dealer Locator tool also lets users select a dealer according to the DuPont product they are looking for. After entering the necessary information, uncheck the All Products tab, click on a specific DuPont product on the provided list, then hit the Find Dealer button.

Axalta Coating Systems has a similar Distributor Locator tool on their website. On the Dealer Locator page, enter your address, postal code, city, state, then click on Submit to see results.