What Is a Dupli-Color Paint Chart?

Tetra Images/Getty Images

A Dupli-Color paint chart is used to match automobile paint colors using make, model and color code. Car diagrams provide instructions on where to find the color codes, which match with a color on the chart. The match is used to purchase the Perfect Match and Scratch Fix All-In-1 products.

For example, if trying to match the yellow paint on a 2004 Ford Mustang, look for the color code, usually found in the VIN number on the vehicle dash or on the information plate inside the door jamb. The code in this case is D6.

Find the Ford color chart section, which is divided into years, then page down until you find D6. The color name is Screaming Yellow, and as of March, 2015, a match is available in the Scratch Fix All-In-1 product. Other codes, such as SN for Sonic Blue Pearl, show matching paints available for both Dupli-Color products.

Once the color is matched on the chart, the appropriate touch-up paint can be purchased at any Dupli-Color outlet or online. Some of the auto parts stores that carry the product include Canadian Tire, Pep Boys, National Auto Stores and Federated Auto Parts. An online Dupli-Color search engine is also available.