What Is the DT466 Engine Oil Capacity?

The International DT466 diesel engine has a 28- or 30-liter engine oil capacity depending on model. Recommended service intervals for oil changes and filter replacement are 15,000 miles of operation for 30-liter models and 13,000 miles for 28-liter models. The engine’s manufacturer also recommends an oil and filter change after 500 hours of operation for 28-liter engines and 550 hours for 30-liter DT466 models, regardless of the mileage since the last oil-change service.

The International DT466 diesel engine is a six-cylinder inline diesel engine that uses a so-called “wet-sleeve” design that is common among large industrial diesels but unusual among mid-range diesel engines similar to the DT466. The wet-sleeve design refers to the fact that the DT466 engine cylinder walls remain in direct contact with engine coolant, improving cooling efficiency at the cost of some additional maintenance requirements. However, the wet-sleeve design also improves overall engine durability, as the cylinder walls of the engine are more uniform and more hardened than the softer cylinder walls of conventionally cooled engines.

The DT466 has been constructed in many different versions since the 1970s. Engine outputs have varied considerably even in engines made in the same model year, as different variants are tuned for either standard or high-torque applications. Standard-torque models of the DT466 can produce up to 620 foot-pounds of torque, while high-torque engines can produce up to 800 foot-pounds of peak torque.