What Does “dropped Cervix” Mean?

According to WebMD, a dropped cervix refers to varying degrees of a prolapsed uterus. A uterus becomes prolapsed when it, in whole or in part, sags into the vagina.

Through its Better Health Channel website, the Department of Health for Victoria, Australia identifies the symptoms of a prolapsed uterus as pressure-type sensations in the vagina, persistent lower back pain, the presence of a bump within the vagina, pain during sexual intercourse and increased amounts of vaginal discharge.

On its MedlinePlus website, the National Institute of Health lists the primary causes for a uterine prolapse as decreased levels of estrogen following the onset of menopause, increased pressure on the muscles of the pelvis, and, in rare instances, pelvic tumors. According to the NIH, a pelvic exam is the most common procedure used to diagnose the presence and severity of a prolapsed uterus. A mild prolapse is identified by the NIH as one that manifests a drop of the cervix into the lower part of the vagina. If the cervix drops out of the vaginal opening, the NIH classifies this as a moderate to severe prolapse.

Treatment for a prolapsed uterus ranges from pelvic exercises to surgery, according to WebMD. The Better Health Channel suggests a vaginal pessary as an alternative treatment option. A pessary is a flexible device fitted inside the vagina to support the cervix and uterus,