What Are Driving Tools?

Driving tools include a variety of steel tools used to install, repair and maintain a variety of constructions. Drivers are used to drill, insert and drive screws, nuts and bolts into surfaces with mechanical and manual force. Tools defined as drivers include hammers, screwdrivers, mauls and sledges, according to Reference.com.

Driving tools are typically available as both manual and power tools. For example, an electric drill and a hand drill are both considered driving tools. Drills and driving tools work to bore holes with screws into wood, drywall and plaster. Driving tools are used to hang fixtures, secure structures and improve the sturdiness of a wall, a piece of furniture or a banister, according to HowStuffWorks.com. In order to drive nuts, bolts and screws into surfaces, an individual must use force when operating driving tools to ensure that the nail or screw is secure. Driving tools can also be used to remove bits, screws, nuts and bolts from surfaces. A hammer possesses a nail remover on the back edge, whereas an electric screwdriver offers a reverse option that is capable of removing screws. Manual screwdrivers require the user to turn the tool in the opposite direction in order to unscrew an object.