What Does a Drivetrain Warranty Cover?

The drivetrain warranty of a vehicle includes all of the parts that make the car run including: the transmission, engine and all other parts that convey the power from the engine to the wheels and from there to the ground. The drivetrain warranty is also known as the powertrain warranty.

The drivetrain is one of the largest systems in a car and if it goes out, getting from Point A to Point B becomes much more challenging. In general terms, the drivetrain warranty covers all listed components if they have damage or defect within a specific period of time or mileage; most warranties have a “whichever comes first” feature that, for example, offers coverage for up to 10 years or 100,000 miles. The frame for this warranty is usually longer than the total warranty.

The terms of coverage for your vehicle’s powertrain warranty vary with the manufacturer and the car. This warranty is a major part of the manufacturer’s advertising for the vehicle, so if this is an important element in your car purchase, read the fine print before signing the agreement. Every warranty is different, so such provisions as including the costs of labor, listing mechanical parts that are not under the warranty and the time frame in which the warranty actually takes effect are important factors.