How Does Drinking Sprite or 7-Up Help in Curing Loose Bowel Movements or Diarrhea?

WebMD says that clear fluids such as uncaffeinated soda are helpful as a supportive treatment for diarrhea, although they do not provide a cure. This means that Sprite, 7-Up and similar beverages provide vital hydration to replace the fluids lost during a bout of diarrhea.

In addition to Sprite and 7-Up, WebMD suggests drinking clear fruit juices, sports drinks and water to combat dehydration while suffering from diarrhea. For children and infants, offer frequent drinks of Pedialyte, Ceralyte or Infalyte to provide important electrolytes.

WebMD says that patients should avoid caffeinated soda such as cola for at least three to five days after recovery. This is because caffeine worsens diarrhea, as does milk, alcohol and apple juice. Avoid using salt or electrolyte tablets on their own in children.

While recovering from diarrhea, introduce foods slowly to avoid upsetting the digestive system. WebMD recommends the BRAT diet, which consists of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Stay away from greasy, high-fat or spicy foods.

Seek medical attention if there is possibility of severe dehydration, traveler’s diarrhea from contaminated water sources, antibiotic-caused diarrhea or fever with diarrhea, states WebMD. Follow up with a doctor if diarrhea lasts two or three days with no improvement in an adult, or one day without improvement in a child. Additionally, infants should see a doctor right away if they have vomiting or diarrhea.